We have designed the software on the My Affairs In Order flash drive to help you organize all your personal and financial data in one convenient and easy-to-store device.  With this device you can create and store a digital end of life plan for your loved ones giving them an easy way to find and access all your vital info and final wishes.  Preparing for death is not a pleasant activity but getting organized for your family's sake is one of the nicest things you can do to relieve undue stress and uncertainty in an already grievous situation.

The My Affairs In Order drive contains user-friendly, menu-driven software with 23 fillable forms that prompt you to save all your important information. Simply click one of the buttons on the main menu and the corresponding form will open.

Menu Screenshot

My Affairs In Order Final Wishes Organizer Flash Drive Menu

Example Form Screenshot

You can then fill in any of the fields you wish, and save only the data that is applicable to you.  The forms can be opened and updated as often as necessary.  All of the forms include a print option, so you can easily create a paper version of your data if you desire. 

In addition, hundreds of documents can be uploaded to the flash drive using the Document upload feature.  This allows your family to access all your important information from the same device.

Your data is only stored on the USB drive, not on your computer or the cloud.  The software uses password protection, and your data and uploaded documents are encrypted to provide protection from thieves.

The My Affairs in Order flash drive comes with Windows and Macintosh versions of the software included.  The Windows and Mac versions share the same data so the drive can be used in either type of machine to access or enter data. 

Forms Included

Personal Information


Other Important People


Bank/Investment Accounts

Retirement Accounts


Business Investments

Real Estate


Benefits Being Received



Safety Deposit Boxes

Other Assets

Letters to Loved Ones

Final Arrangements

Children's Guardians and Pet Caretakers

People Who Depend on Me

Personal Representatives


Location of Documents

Other Information


getting affairs in order


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  • 23 Prebuilt Forms

    Our forms prompt you to complete line items and answer questions so that all information will be complete, ready and available for your family when needed. Forms are included for everything from bank accounts, personal information, final arrangement wishes to passwords and letters to loved ones.

  • Document Storage

    Store all of your important documents in one place, so your family doesn't have to search for needed documents in critical times.

  • Windows and Macintosh Compatible

    My Affairs In Order software was created to be compatible with Windows XP and newer versions, as well as Mac OSX 10.5 and greater. If your family members have a different operating system or version than what you used they will still be able to open and access your form data and documents


Who should purchase this USB Drive?

We believe everyone should get their affairs organized, not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of loved ones. As we all know, life is unpredictable and bad things can happen to us at any age. Having our legal, financial and final arrangement wishes in order gives us peace of mind and will help our families in critical and stressful times. We are aware that when it comes to our own death planning, most of us prefer to be an ostrich and stick our heads in the sand. Everyone should consider purchasing this device, but those that will benefit the most by completing the My Affairs In Order Flash Drive are seniors, those with a serious illness, caretakers of the infirm and/or elderly, young people with children, individuals with no relatives and those planning on travel or deployment.

Where should I store the My Affairs In Order flash drive?

Since the flash drive contains confidential personal and financial information, it is imperative that it be stored in a secure place. The best place to store the device is in a waterproof and fireproof home safe. If you don’t have access to a home safe, you may want to consider storing the flash drive in a safety deposit box, with an attorney, or with a close family member or friend. Wherever you choose to store the device, be sure you know if your selected executor or family member is authorized and has all the necessary information in order to access the device when needed.

How long will the flash drive last?

Our supplier guarantees the flash drive will last at least ten years. However, it is possible the device will last much longer than the ten years. If you are concerned about the time limit, you have the option of printing out hard copies of each form for a back-up.

How can I retrieve my User Name and/or Password?

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the information, we designed the software so that User Names and Passwords cannot be retrieved if forgotten or lost. We have included a “Reset Your User Account” button at the bottom of the Password Screen. It’s important to know that if you use this button, you will effectively be starting all over. All data will be erased if you use the Reset button. Store your User Name and Password in a safe place and/or give the information to a loved one. Remember also that as a back-up, each form can be printed out in a hard copy.

Can a husband and wife use the same device?

Even though there are several sections that contain shared documents or information for married or partnered couples, much of the information is distinctly personal. Therefore, we recommend that each member complete their own My Affairs In Order Flash Drive.

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