About Us

Most of us have heard a sad story of a family being torn apart, because there was no will to be found when a family member died.  Maybe some of you have even experienced first-hand the anger and greed that takes over when a loved one dies and leaves no instructions on property division. 

It could be that there really wasn’t a will or some type of instructions, but what if there was and the person who died put it in a safe place, but never told anyone.   Or maybe the individual had a will prepared many years ago, but due to numerous life changes, it is either no longer valid or it was never updated to include new family members.  These scenarios create stress, uncertainty as to what the deceased wanted and rips in a family that can never be repaired.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that I wanted to create an easy-to-use software in a convenient storage device that everyone can use for organizing all their affairs.  I know it’s not easy to think about our own death, but it is inevitable and not thinking about it doesn’t make it go away.  I believe the task of organizing our personal, financial and final arrangement wishes becomes easier if we focus on our family and loved ones.  None of us wants our family to be irreparably split because we didn’t leave instructions on who gets what and why.

I believe everyone should get their documents organized, regardless of age and health status.  Life is unpredictable - you never know when your family will be faced with hard choices, such as whether or not to donate your organs, to resuscitate or discontinue life support, cremation or burial, any many more stressful and life altering decisions.

My Affairs In Order USB Drive has 23 fillable forms covering personal, financial and final arrangements wishes and information.  Permanent documents, such as wills, trusts and Power of Attorney forms can be uploaded on the device so that everything is in one convenient location.   All the forms can be printed, so that you or a loved one can also have a hard copy back-up. 

Do yourself and your family a favor and get your affairs in order.  You don’t want to be the main character in that sad story everyone tells about a family being split up, in legal battles and full of anger and hate, just because you didn’t make your wishes known.