We have designed the software on the My Affairs In Order flash drive to help you organize all your personal and financial data in one convenient and easy-to-store device.  With this device you can create and store a digital end of life plan for your loved ones giving them an easy way to find and access all your vital info and final wishes.  Preparing for death is not a pleasant activity but getting organized for your family's sake is one of the nicest things you can do to relieve undue stress and uncertainty in an already grievous situation.

The My Affairs In Order drive contains user-friendly, menu-driven software with 23 fillable forms that prompt you to save all your important information. Simply click one of the buttons on the main menu and the corresponding form will open.

Menu Screenshot

My Affairs In Order Final Wishes Organizer Flash Drive Menu

Example Form Screenshot

You can then fill in any of the fields you wish, and save only the data that is applicable to you.  The forms can be opened and updated as often as necessary.  All of the forms include a print option, so you can easily create a paper version of your data if you desire. 

In addition, hundreds of documents can be uploaded to the flash drive using the Document upload feature.  This allows your family to access all your important information from the same device.

Your data is only stored on the USB drive, not on your computer or the cloud.  The software uses password protection, and your data and uploaded documents are encrypted to provide protection from thieves.

The My Affairs in Order flash drive comes with Windows and Macintosh versions of the software included.  The Windows and Mac versions share the same data so the drive can be used in either type of machine to access or enter data. 

Forms Included

Personal Information


Other Important People


Bank/Investment Accounts

Retirement Accounts


Business Investments

Real Estate


Benefits Being Received



Safety Deposit Boxes

Other Assets

Letters to Loved Ones

Final Arrangements

Children's Guardians and Pet Caretakers

People Who Depend on Me

Personal Representatives


Location of Documents

Other Information


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